Accessible performances

A captioned performance

A captioned performance

We offer accessible performances for shows taking place at The Marlowe Theatre.

Accessible performances include:

British Sign Language interpreted performances (SLIP)

An interpreter stands on, or at the side of, the stage and interprets the spoken word and sound effects of the performance for Deaf customers who use BSL.

Audio Described Performances (AD)

A live commentary provided via personal headsets for blind or partially-sighted customers. AD performances will often be preceded by a touch tour (usually on stage).

Captioned performances (CAP)

Text is displayed on a screen for Deaf or hard-of-hearing customers. The text includes the words spoken by the performers as well as character names and sound effects.

Relaxed performances

A relaxed performance is specifically designed and adapted for customers with a wide range of disabilities and those on the autistic spectrum.

Children, in particular, are welcome to a relaxed performance, and crucially, their families.

The performance will be less formal, in order to reduce anxiety levels (for example, the auditorium doors will be kept open and people can come and go as they please; there will be a chill-out zone in the foyer).

The relaxed performance is still the same show but there are small changes to the sound levels and lighting. No pyrotechnics or strobe lighting are used.

The performance provides an opportunity for customers who may find it difficult to come and see a show to experience the joy of live theatre.

To quote one family: “Families like ours are usually swimming against the tide. Today we were the tide.”


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