The Marlowe Theatre's Beached. Photo by Tim Stubbings.

The Marlowe Theatre's Beached. Photo by Tim Stubbings.

Our very first Made By The Marlowe production was a tale of love and cream buns.

Performed in The Marlowe Studio in October 2014, Beached, written by Australian playwright Melissa Bubnic, told the story of Arty, the world's fattest teenager. Managing to be both touching and bitingly satirical, the play examined body politics and the morally dubious world of reality TV.

It was produced in association with Paul Jellis and the Soho Theatre - where it transferred after it's run in Canterbury. Beached was directed by Justin Audibert, who has also worked for the Royal Shakespeare company.


The production was supported by Arts Council England, and by The Marlowe Theatre Development Trust, and marked the fulfilment of a long-held ambition for The Marlowe Theatre to move into producing plays, with an emphasis on the development of new writing.

You can see production pictures here.


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