What age group does The Marlowe Access Company cover?
The Marlowe Access Company is open to anyone who is 16yrs+ and has a learning disability.

How much will membership of The Marlowe Access Company cost and who do I pay?
The day session (10am-2pm) will cost £12 and can be arranged through direct payments or through care management. Payments will be made to Confidance (Jo Frater)

What day will The Marlowe Access Company meet?
The Marlowe Access Company will meet on a Tuesday from 10am-2pm, which will include a break and lunch.

Where will The Marlowe Access company be held?
At The Marlowe Lab, Pound Lane, Canterbury.

Will I need to bring food and drink with me?

What do I need to wear?
Please wear lose fitting, comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear (trainers, dance shoes or plimsoll style shoes) as there will be movement and dance and other theatre techniques included in the 10 week programme.

What if I need support?
All carers/support workers will be invited to take part in the session, if your support worker chooses not to participate we ask that they sit outside the room or if they choose or have to be present within the workshop space we ask that they take an interested spectators role as opposed to reading a paper or not paying attention to what is happening in the session, this attitude can be very unhelpful and off putting to all the participants clients and carers alike.

What if I need to access disabled toilet facilities?
Unfortunately The Marlowe Lab doesn’t have disabled toilets, but The Marlowe Theatre is just a few minutes’ walk, where participants can access disabled facilities.

Who do I contact if I wish to join?
If you are interested in joining please contact either your Care Manager or Ian Linton.


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